Is Marijuana Addictive?

Is Marijuana Addictive? – The Term Of Addiction‘is marijuana addictive?’ this very question can be revealed once we have defined what the term ‘addictive’ is actually meant. Literally, addictive means something that cannot be stopped once you firstly do it. again, ‘is marijuana addictive?’, likely to this term, it can be related to marijuana in that once you take marijuana, you exactly will not be able to stop consuming it. Despite some others also believe that they actually just get in the habit of consuming marijuana, the term ‘habit’ and ‘addicted’ is actually distinct. As stated in the preceding, ‘is marijuana addictive?’, addicted means that you cannot stop, while ‘habituating’ tends to be doing something repeatedly yet it is not necessarily meant to not be able to stop. As the instance, once people get addicted to marijuana, they probably can be hospitalized or entered rehabilitation in case they are no longer consuming it.


It is because the blood circulation in the body has been contaminated most by the substances contained in marijuana. The question ‘is marijuana addictive?’ here can be suitable with this case. On the contrary, once people only tend to consume marijuana frequently, they in fact cannot be categorized to be addicted since they only get habituated. Another example is such the case when people stay fine despite they stop consuming marijuana in some times. However, it is often that people start to consume marijuana again and again due to the reason of their desire. Thus, the basic fact here is that marijuana addiction is merely caused by people’s psychological need. ‘Is marijuana addictive?’ let us take a look at our own thought then.


Is Marijuana Addictive? – Bad Effect Of Marijuana Addiction


Is marijuana addictive?’ this issue can be rebutted by some people who think that marijuana contains no effect and continue smoking their portable vaporizers everywhere. This argument actually tends to support the legalization of marijuana as they think marijuana seems to be not addictive at all. Nonetheless, what if the question such ‘is marijuana addictive?’ is being brought to those who determine marijuana have both healthy and social impacts? Indeed, those people will point disagreement and support the issue of ‘is marijuana addictive?’ Overall, based on some medical research, marijuana actually affects the mind and the body of users. Even it has exertion towards the body effects such as lung cancer, heart diseases, fatal addiction, high heart and blood pressure, depression, and still some others.

Due to this, it’d better to define the term of addiction formerly and recognize the impacts being brought by marijuana before we consider the issue of ‘is marijuana addictive?’

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